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The pyramids of Egypt are no longer to be presented. One of the 7 ancient and best preserved wonders of the world. Those of Giza are the best known and the most visited. Serving as tombs for kings, they are full of myths and theories, which makes them all the more fascinating. Discover my tips in this article to make the best visit to the Giza pyramids:

Where are the pyramids located and how to get there?

The pyramids are located in Cairo and more precisely in Giza. The city of Cairo is huge and very saturated. The pyramids were built in the middle of the desert but the city has spread to their feet. It is also impressive. Because in the collective unconscious we imagine the pyramids in the middle of the desert and not accessible from the city.  

Gizeh is therefore one of the "neighborhoods" of Cairo. You can get there by taxi but the best is to stay on site . This will save you a crazy time on the road (1h30 by motorbike from downtown Cairo, imagine by car) the traffic is so crazy.  

It is more convenient and more economical. No stress, and you can go super early on the site.  

I recommend an amazing place to sleep. I had a lot of reactions on Instagram asking me the name of this place. What's crazy is that it doesn't seem that well known, despite being on the front line for the view of the sphinx and the pyramids ! And especially for a more than decent and even shocking price ! 36€ per night for a room for .. 5 people !! So I stayed there alone but imagine dividing this price by 5 to have this view !

You have breakfast included and also access to the rooftop. You can even see the light show for free from the rooftop in the evening !




My hellish experience and why you should avoid it

If you followed my stories on Instagram you know what hell I've been through and that I want to avoid you ! If you haven't followed me, here's a summary:

I went there on a Friday morning at 10:30AM. Fatal error . Friday is school group day. Then 10:30 a.m. is too late.

A gigantic riot took place at the entrance. People were actually fighting to get through the door when everyone has a ticket and will go in anyway . I didn't understand.

A woman was screaming for her baby lost in the crowd. I asked for help from a guide with tourists to protect me because I was crushed and could not breathe. Suffice to say that the visit started well !


And then, harassment every 2m to ride a camel, to buy this, that. Children who ask you to take pictures with you but with a contemptuous and disrespectful air. I got a "fuck you" out of nowhere and as I was being harassed and touched on the shoulder despite my incessant firm "no", I freaked out and screamed.


It was just too much to bear, it's disrespectful and it clearly ruins the moment. I've been to poorer countries, where people live off tourism and try to sell you something. I have NEVER experienced this. They are clearly scaring away tourists and shattering the dreams of some who have saved up for a long time to be able to fulfill a childhood dream. Here I was very lifted and I'm sorry not to sell you the dream.


However, there is a solution to avoid this nightmare:



What to do for a serene visit

GET UP AT DAWN! Yes it will hard. But I promise you the experience is COMPLETELY different.


I went at 6:45 a.m. to the ticket office (which is a 30-sec walk from the famous guesthouse) which was supposed to open at 7 a.m. Well I understood that the guy came when he wanted and finally he arrived around 7:20AM. There were only 2 tourists with me.  

The ticket costs 200EGP (about 10€). It is specified that if you have a camera or tripod you have to pay extra. Camera I don't know I only have my phone, but personally I didn't pay anything extra for the tripod the 2 times I went there.

You will have to pay more if you want to enter the pyramids. I didn't, apparently it's disappointing and empty.  

Believe me. The souvenir stalls weren't open yet. Not a sound. Not a cat. Just me facing the sphinx and these giant pyramids.

The experience was incredible.

I was so happy to have made the decision to try again after the hell of the day before even if I had to pay a 2nd time the entrance.

I was able to enjoy the beauty of the place in silence, feel very small, and take pictures with no one on it. I was alone on the site (since the 2 other tourists went to another point of view directly) practically for 1h30.

Then it slowly filled up, and as I walked, I avoided the crowd that was slowly arriving behind me.


I spent about 3h30-4h there, really taking my time for the photos , and to enjoy the view in the dunes where not everyone goes. I came out about the time I had arrived the day before and it was the same mess. Very happy to be out of it at this time !



What are the best vantage points?

- At the foot of the Sphinx from the front

- Enter the enclosure of the Sphinx to be closer

- Rotate around each pyramid for the best angle and appreciate their height

- From the helicopter pad (yes yes there is a helicopter pad on the site of the pyramids) 

- From the dunes to see the alignment of the pyramids.






IMG_3703 2.JPG

How to get to the dunes viewpoint?

They all want to sell you the camel or the horse-drawn carriages with loud music speakers (and yes that's beyond me) to go there and therefore discourage you by telling you that it's much too far and too hard in the sand etc. Bullshit!


In any case you will walk around the pyramids, so once past these and the helicopter pad you can walk to the left to the dunes and stand where you want. It's honestly not hard, except for the small hill to reach the top of the dune, but it only takes 2 minutes.  

If you have (and I strongly recommend it when traveling. Download the map of the country before leaving and you can use the GPS even without internet. There are a lot of places and points of view that are not not listed on other GPS maps) it's very detailed and easy to find.



Bonus: where to eat with a view?

The pizza hut with the most incredible rofotop in the world overlooking the pyramids.

Or Akemi sushi which doesn't only serve sushi. Reasonable price and good food.


What to do in Cairo apart from the pyramids?

Visit the Egyptian Museum. It is full of endless pieces. Including real mummies (impressive) and the famous sarcophagus of Tutankhamun in solid gold.  It is forbidden to take photos only in the part dedicated to Tutankhamun. Many pieces are in the Louvre in Paris, which I find unfortunate. But this museum remains interesting.

Entrance fee: 200 EGP (about 10€)




Walk around a bit but honestly it's better to be passing through this city only.


It's dirty, noisy and overcrowded. Oppressive in a word.


In any case from my point of view I didn't like it, and apart from the museum there isn't really anything else to do.





I hope this article has helped you plan your visit to the pyramids and saved you from having a bad time like on my first day!

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