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Cebu is a province of the Philippines which includes the island of Cebu and more than 150 islets around. Waterfalls, diving with whale sharks, I tell you everything in this article:


Plane view arriving in Cebu

Kawasan falls

Kawasan waterfalls on Cebu Island are known for their extraordinary turquoise blue pools. Several levels of pools are present in nature. A real moment of relaxation.


I advise you to go there very early, after sunrise if you want to be able to enjoy the place for yourself. Afterwards there is a horde of tourists with their life jackets and it looks more like a scene from Titanic than a pleasant moment!


In the last pool, the best known, there are small cafes to buy drinks or food. Plastic tables and chairs stain the decor unfortunately.


The water can be a little cold early in the morning but very invigorating ! Do not hesitate to go up to discover the other levels.


Price to access the waterfalls: 40 pesos (0.75 €)

IMG_9897 2.JPG





If swimming with a bench of sardines for free talk to you, then this is the perfect place ! Malboal located on the west coast of the island of Cebu, has the distinction of sheltering thousands of sardines a few meters from the beach.


Go to the Shaka cafe on Panagsama road , take the opportunity to eat a delicious smoothie bowl ( € 4.20 ) before melting into the mass of fishes ! By walking from Shaka to Panagsama beach (there are only a few meters) you can rent snorkels (for € 1.70 ) on your left if you don't have one.


The beach is tiny but no problem, the most important is in the water ! Put on your mask, swim a few meters and you will find lots of sardines ! It's impressive to see the bench formations, all changing direction at the same second !


Take advantage of this moment, then sit on the beach to dry in the sun before leaving for your accommodation.



Oslob (optionnal)

On the island of Cebu you have the opportunity to swim with whale sharks . Yes you heard it ! So, just like me, you are going to rush for this moment. Unfortunately the truth is not necessarily beautiful to see.


I encourage you to read my experience, my regrets, and why you should avoid swimming with whale sharks in the following article :


Swimming with whale sharks in Oslob : why should we boycott?




Badian is a province of Cebu (including the Kawasan waterfalls above) where you can also do canyoneering . Armed with a life jacket, helmet, you will jump into waterfalls and other pools! Adrenaline guaranteed ! Bring water shoes because the "hike" between the waterfalls can be difficult. GoPro if you have, of course :)


You will find these tours in agencies, a guide will accompany you and explain the security measures.

Lounging in a hotel in Cebu City

Arriving at Cebu airport, I had to spend the night there before taking the bus to Moalboal.


As part of a collaboration I discovered the Bai Hotel . A very classy and clean establishment, with all the comforts.


A swimming pool on the rooftop offers a moment of relaxation at sunset. Grab a cocktail and bask in design furniture !


Breakfast is amazing ! A huge all- you-can-eat buffet awaits you. You will find food from all over the world to delight your taste buds.


A place I recommend if you go through Cebu City.

You can book by clicking on one of the photos:







I hope you enjoyed this article about Cebu. I strongly encourage you to read my article on whale sharks. It is important to travel differently, for the good of the planet, and so that future generations can also travel!

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