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Mandalay is well known for its impressive architectures and its famous U Bein Bridge. Here are the things you can see in Mandalay:

Mingun Pagoda, who has resisted time

This temple was never able to finish its construction. Over the years, earthquakes have cracked the building which is still standing ! An impressive journey back in time.


Do not hesitate to walk all around the pagoda which is a huge cube with different faces.


IMG_7155 2.JPG

Hsinbyume Pagoda to dream awake

This pagoda was without a doubt the one I was most excited to see. Its structure reminiscent of clouds, and its whiteness making it so soft make it an incredible architecture.


Stroll around, in the central square, on the waves ...

This temple is one of the main reasons of why you should visit Myanmar.



DJI_0162 2.JPG

U Bein Bridge 

U Bein Bridge is the longest wooden bridge in the world with its 1200 m long !


The best time to go there is at sunset and don't expect to be alone. The bridge will be crowded but you will see how the locals relax there.


Another alternative is to rent a small boat and watch the sunset over the bridge view.


Kuthodaw Pagoda or the biggest book in the world

Super impressive area where hundreds of pagodas contain scriptures, which together make up the largest book in the world.


This pagoda is one of the must see in Myanmar.



Mandalay Hill

Reaching 240m in height, Mandalay Hill offers a panoramic view of the surroundings. The architecture and interior decoration are sublime.


Do not worry, an elevator is provided, you will not arrive at the summit breathless !

Plan to cover yourself to respect, and take off your shoes at the bottom, where you will be asked to pay entry (less than € 1).



U Min Thonze Pagoda in Sagaing

You will have to climb a few stairs to get to this pagoda. But your efforts will be rewarded ! Its pastel colors are a beauty and you can discover many Buddhas lined up inside.


Do not hesitate to stroll around the grounds, you will surely come across young monks.





I hope you enjoyed this article and convinced you to add Mandalay to your list!


Do not hesitate to ask me questions or leave a comment :)

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