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Koh Tao is a small island in the east of Thailand. Recognized for its many beaches, and favorite place to spend your PADI license at a lower cost, it is worth stopping there for a few days

Explore the beaches

You just need to rent a motorbike for around € 5 a day and you are free to explore the island ! For days of diving, sunbathing until sunset, Koh Tao is a treat.

Sairee Beach is perfect for the sunset. There are small bars nearby which is perfect for a small cocktail on the beach (some bars offer a free deckchair if you buy a cocktail)

IMG_5057 2.JPG


Tanote Beach for lovers of sensation you will need courage to climb this rock and dive! The water is crystal clear, and the beach is fairly calm.

Hin Wong Bay is a tiny bay where there is the possibility of snorkelling. The atmosphere is young and chill. There is a small cabin that offer a bar service and its owner is adorable and very helpful (Marlon had his ear plugged with water severely). Watch out for the wild dogs, they are not mean, but while I was bathing, they played with my dress left on my towel and I had a nice hole in it !


Go back on a motorbike, go up in the hills to admire the sunset.



IMG_5070 2.JPG

Freedom Beach . A tiny beach with a reggae atmosphere, moreover we came back one evening for a reggae festival. The snorkeling is good and the rocks are reminiscent of Seychelles.


Photo by @Jonnymelon

Enjoy cute restaurants and little cafes

In Koh Tao you can find several kinds of food at very reasonable prices. The atmosphere of the cafes is very pleasant and the premises super warm.




Go diving / Pass your PADI license

For diving lovers, Koh Tao is famous for passing its PADI . They offer all the different levels of the license at the best price.


We met several French people who worked voluntarily for the diving center in exchange of the free diploma .

A concept that can seduce more than one, which gives the opportunity to live on the island for several months and to dive in beautiful places very often.


The price can vary from one agency to another but remains generally the same.


First dive: 55 - 60

A recreational dive: 20 - 25


Level 1 - PADI Open Water: 250 - 260

Level 2 - PADI Open Water Advanced: 240 - 250

Level 3 - PADI Rescue Diver: 270 - 280


Divemaster course: from 700

I hope this article about Koh Tao will seduce you and that you will consider this step during your stay in Thailand !

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