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Indonesia - Java

Malang, a small town in central Java, is the perfect stopover before going to Bromo. Between rainbow village, waterfalls and enchanted parks, Malang is not to be missed. I let you discover this atypical place in the article below :

1 - A multivitamined village ! (Jodipan)

If I tell you a caring village, where you think you are in the land of rainbow unicorns, would you believe it? It is however quite true, the village of Jodipan very close to Malang is multicolored and marvelous to discover !

This area outside of Malang looked like slums and was almost abandoned . The history of this village is fascinating : students had the idea of ​​painting it entirely multicolored to attract tourists and bring life into the village. The least we can say ... is that it worked ! Arriving by train from Yogyakarta you can see all these colors on the right side before entering Malang.

Short story: One morning I decide to go there with an Uber scooter. The driver was young and adorable we had a good chat on the trip and I explained to him the reasons of my trip. He decided to offer me the drive and dropped me off right in front of Jodipan !! Happy that I am interested in them and that I participate in the tourist economy that sustains them.


To walk around the village and take pictures, you will be asked for a small contribution of 0.19 € . Which is MINIMAL when you think it helps them to live. In return, they even give you a small souvenir key ring with Jodipan's name on it.

Wander freely in the streets, admire the frescoes and the graphic work done. Take a walk along the river for an overview and fly your drone - with care - if you have one !


2 - A bit of Chefchaouen in Indonesia (Kampung Biru Arema)

An all-blue village appeared on the other side of the bridge, in front of the multicolored village. For the same reasons, this village tried to survive in 2018 by painting all the houses in shades of blue.

Much less touristy than Jodipan , since not visible from the road, I highly recommend you to give it a chance !

It's just as pretty, and the locals are adorable ! You will also be asked for a contribution of 0.19 €.


3 - Coban Putri

Coban Putri is a place of nature to relax. You will find a small waterfall there and some viewpoints to take beautiful photos. A good little spot to go to during your stay in Malang.

Entrance: 0.63 €

Access to structures for photo: 0.63 €



4 - Coban Rondo

Similar to Coban Putri, Coban Rando houses an 80m high waterfall, a labyrinth, a large garden.

The park is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and admission costs € 3.40 .

Small anecdote : my driver first took me to the waterfall but given the weather and the dangerousness of the slippery rocks, it is forbidden to go further than where I am in the photo. Then we took the scooter back to the entrance of the park and I arrived in torrential rain ! Despite that, I wanted to visit so as not to have come for nothing. Soaked to the bones, I asked the few people I passed by, where to go. So cold, I returned to the reception to drink tea with my driver, waiting for the rain to calm before leaving.


5 - Gunung Banyak

The ultimate park around Malang, Gunung Banyak is home to enchanted sculptures, structures for taking photos and ... treehouses!

Pleasant little walk, unfortunately disturbed by the rain once again and a thick fog which prevented us from leaving.

Entrance fee : € 0.94

Entrance fee to access the tree houses: € 0.63

A little anecdote : we stayed at the restaurant in the covered park, chatting for at least 1.5 hours before deciding to leave. This scooter trip will be remembered, given the amount of rain we received, until we have water halfway up the scooter wheel !! I could literally knock over my hiking boots to empty the water in them !


6 - Tumpak Sewu Waterfall


By dint of taking drivers for the day my budget fell visibly .. But if I had known ! I promise you that the money that I would have put in this round trip would have been deserved and I will not regret today.

This incredible waterfall is a 2-3 hour drive from Malang . You have to leave very early in the morning to be there ideally around 7am. This is when the light is the most beautiful and there are fewer tourists.

From the parking lot, you have to walk 10 minutes to get to the viewpoint on the waterfall and apparently it's magic !

It is possible to go down to the foot of the waterfall to feel its great power but it is advisable to take a guide (there will be some in the parking lot who will offer themselves) for around 100,000 IDR (6 €) . The descent is apparently not hard in itself, but you need shoes that hold the foot, allow you to cross a few streams and some places are slippery. It will take about 30-40 minutes.

You must bring a waterproof bag because at the foot of the waterfall, the fine water particles wet very quickly.

The drone is possible , but rather from the parking lot, because the interference at the foot of the waterfall is powerful.

During the rainy season, the bottom of the waterfall may be closed because it is too dangerous.

Not having been there, I put you the magnificent photos of SaltinOurHair :




How do I get to Malang?

By plane to Malang airport

By train from Yogyakarta with the Malioboro Express a super comfortable train for € 11.10

Note : get off at Malang 2nd station after passing Jodipan

How to get around : in and around Malang

  • Rent a scooter if you know how to drive around € 5 + gasoline.


  • Rental of a car and a driver for around 32 € per day.


  • Like me for a full day on a scooter with driver (since I don't know how to drive:

Coban Putri + Coban Rondo + Gunung Banyak with a driver I paid € 18.89 .

 You can visit Malang in 2 days or more, by combining the 1,2 and 6 on one day and the 3,4 and 5 on  the second !

Where to stay

There are quite a few hotels, homestays in Malang for different budgets.


I was in a small hotel empty of customers, in a mini windowless room and VERY damp, (the molds made me cough a little). For the shower it was a basin filled with cold water with a bowl to pour over. Not practical and especially not pleasant after a day of scootering in the rain when I was very cold.

So I don't necessarily recommend the Homey Homestay Syriah but for the price of € 6.22 per night , close to a McDonald's, a place to wash your clothes, it's not horrible either.


I hope this article has enchanted you for the visit of Malang, a must-see place on the island of Java !

Enjoy the colors, waterfalls, and adorable locals !

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