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   Sri Lanka

The bridge with 9 arches of Ella impresses both by its beauty and by the place where it is located. In the middle of tea plantations and a bamboo forest, this bridge only receives a few trains a day. To access it you will have to walk 30 minutes in the forest and it is definitely one of the things that you must do in Sri Lanka.

How to get there?

There are several ways to get there.


- The first: follow the road which goes towards Little Adams Peak and turn left at the small colorful temple. Then follow Lake Front on Google Maps.


- The path I recommend is the one where you turn left into the jungle from the parking lot after the Art Café Umbrella. From there, follow the path for about 10 min and you will come across a magnificent view of the bridge. This path is quieter and surrounded by nature, it is much more pleasant.



it seems to me that you have to enter the "jungle" not far from here

Tips for taking pictures

Once you have crossed the bridge, you can go down to the tea plantations on the left, but be careful it is very steep and quite slippery.

Beware of clothes because you will get hooked by the branches!

IMG_6533 2.JPG

Timetables of trains crossing the bridge

The train crosses the bridge 6 times a day; exact times change all the time, but it should generally have one per hour.

If you have to wait for it to pass, don't worry there are cafes nearby and the place is so beautiful to photograph.

Unfortunately I do not have a photo of mine because I was not there at the right time.


Google Images

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