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   Sri Lanka

Diyaluma waterfalls were a dream for me. How about several natural pools where you can relax, with a panoramic view ?



Access: how to get to the waterfalls?

From Ella , rent a scooter and put "diyaluma falls" on the GPS. It seems to me that there is about an hour's drive. Road and turns in the middle of the mountains, the view is incredible.




Once you arrive at Diyaluma falls, you are at the foot of the waterfall on the bridge. Impressive with its 200m drop!


Access to the top of the waterfall is a bit difficult and only known to locals.

Of course some locals, and children especially, will try to offer to be your guide in exchange of money. I wouldn't say it's a scam, but you can never be sure of anything. By following the advice of a blog we succeeded by ourselves so why not you?

Climb to the top: stages

You will have to stepback on a scooter until you find a path that climbs to your left at the edge of the road.

From there, the road full of stones will not be the easiest on a scooter, be careful!






Go up to this building and

park here.


Continue to climb the road by foot to this small village. Where someone will necessarily guide you.



Let's go to climb! We were afraid of going the wrong way, but it is fairly well "traced" there is no question and just follow. I would say that the climb is for "moderate athletes" but everyone can do it at their own pace. I would say that it takes 45 minutes to climb from the village.


When to go

You have to leave Ella early in the morning because there is about 1 hour drive.


Additional time to find the right path, to climb etc.


If you want to watch the sunset from up there like us, make sure you have enough battery to go down, your phone flash or a flashlight. We descended in complete darkness on a path of pebbles and tall grass. Really not simple but feasible on the condition of being careful.




What to bring?

Good sneakers! Swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, lots of water, a picnic (and above all something to bring your waste of course)

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