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   Sri Lanka

Lion rock is the most famous rock in Sri Lanka. Huge mass which seems to be placed there, it is a must do to visit in Sri Lanka. It is classified by UNESCO in the heritage of the world.

Lion rock

Lion rock is a must do to visit in Sri Lanka. Prepare to climb over 1,200 steps to reach the top for a 360-degree view.


The path is very well marked and you can admire sculptures and drawings along the route.


The price and when to go?

Since this is one of the attractions not to say the ATTRACTION of Sri Lanka, the price is very high for them. Allow around € 35 for entry.


To avoid the crowds and the heat, I recommend that you go there at the opening, at 7 a.m., just after sunrise.

The climb to the summit takes about 45 minutes and allow 2-3 hours to explore the rock and the surroundings.

A superb alternative to this price

To avoid paying 35 € you can admire the rock from the one opposite: Pidurangala Rock.


Less known than the known, the entry is only 5 € and you can access it at night to watch the sunrise on Lion Rock and nature.


I promise you an incredible moment suspended in time, where the mist that slowly dissipates and the sound of birds waking up give way to colors of madness.


Practical informations

The path and the stairs are lit with small lights. Just think of a headlamp or the flash on your phone.


Put on good shoes, the last part of the climb is quite sporty with some climbing on big rocks. I assure you, everyone can do it anyway with a little motivation!


Allow 30 min minimum climb.

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