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After Jordan, I took the opportunity to go to Egypt. I spent about twenty days there, which makes it possible to visit the country "almost" in its entirety to have a global vision without running. Personally I think it's the perfect time to see everything and enjoy. Two weeks would really be the minimum considering the great distances between the points of interest. So I created a 20 days itinerary for you based on my experience, but I would like to say that I made some planning mistakes. To do it again I would do things differently. I explain at the bottom of the page:

The different ways to visit Egypt


Of course, the number one way to travel to Egypt is on an organized tour. Everything is included from A to Z. It's not my choice because of the exorbitant prices, the lack of freedom, and the fact that all the buses gather in the same place to have whole crowds on the sites to visit.

I will not recommend renting a car. The roads are pretty much in good condition, but since the attacks the police and the military are everywhere and carry out numerous checks. As a foreigner it's not necessarily comfortable, a waste of time and a lot of stress.

So there is the 3rd option, which I took. Use buses and trains. The train network is very good, and so are the coach companies. They will take a little longer than expected, given the stops on the road, but which are very necessary when there are 10 hours of travel. Not to mention the military arrests which they do not escape either.

What to do first?

It REALLY depends on where you land .


My flight landed in Sharm el Sheik which I based as the starting point for my itinerary. So I'm going to present this one. You are free to take all the points of interest and put them in the order you want. Think of the journey times long enough not to make mistakes in your organization!

Day 1 - 2 - 3

Landing in Sharm el Sheikh. Take the opportunity to see the magnificent Al Sahaba mosque. Then take the bus to Dahab with East Delta Bus. 3 nights in Dahab 

To find out more: Dahab, Siwa, Hurghada, what to see?

Jour 4 

Bus pour Le Caire avec Go bus départ à 9h pour 325 EGP (ENVIRON 20€). Le trajet prendra toute la journée. (environ 10h)


Day 5 - 6

2 nights in Giza as close as possible to the pyramids in an incredible guesthouse. Visit the pyramids.

Then the evening of the 6th day, night bus for Siwa. With Western Delta, departure at 10 p.m. from Abdel Moneim Riad Square for 250EGP (about €12.26) for a 12-hour trip.

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Day 7 - 8 

Discovery of Siwa, an oasis in the middle of the desert and its salt lakes. Night bus on the evening of the 8th day, return to Cairo with the same company.

To find out more: Dahab, Siwa, Hurghada, what to see?



Day 9

For once I was not well organized in my schedule at that time. It would have taken me an extra day to be able to do the White Desert and Black Desert tour and spend the night there. It's a big regret. So I spent a day resting in Cairo and visiting the museum. 

Day 10

Day train from Cairo to Luxor (about 10-12h) 150EGP (about 7.50€ in 1st class)

Day 11 - 12 

3 nights in Luxor. Discovery of the Temple of Karnak and the Valley of the Kings. The Temple of Edfu.

To find out more: Luxor the must-sees: complete guide



Day 13 

Train from Luxor to Aswan 55EGP (2.70€) then rest.

Day 14 - 15 

Visit Abu Simbel and the Nubian village, then the Philae temple. Return to Luxor in the early afternoon and then take a bus to Hurghada at 5:30 p.m with Go bus for 145EGP (7,17€).

To know more :  What to do in Aswan?



Day 16 - 17 - 18 - 19

Take the time to relax at the beach, go snorkeling and diving 

To know more :  Dahab, Siwa,  Hurghada what to see?

Day 20

Return to France

You understood it well, over 20 days it was the race then 5 days of rest at the beach. Honestly, I would have spent less time in Hurghada and redistributed 1 or 2 days in Cairo to be able to do the excursion in the white desert. Take this into account when creating your itinerary! I hope that this article will have guided you on the places of interest in Egypt and the possible routes!

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