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   Sri Lanka

Mirissa is located in the south and is the perfect place for surfing and chilling. The good vibes of this coastal city and its palm trees will captivate you.

1 - Coconut tree spot

This spot known to everyone on Instagram is real ! Located right next to the Sunset bar, it offers views of the sea and the sunset.


Expect to see a few people lining up to take photos


2 - Parrot rock

The parrot rock takes its name from its shape seen from the sky evoking the bird. It is a rock where you can climb at low tide (beware though, I almost lost my drone and our phones thinking that the water was low enough ahah) Access is free and offers a nice 360 degree view.


3 - Secret Beach

Aaaaah Secret Beach ... a little corner of paradise. As its name suggests, it is not known, tiny, and access is very difficult. I advise you to master the motorbike because the descent, the dirt roads, bumps and other dangers will be part of it. You have to deserve it! But the game is worth it, a small cove of turquoise water, tranquility (despite a small hut that acts as a bar) and a moment of calm at sunset ...


Take the opportunity to chat or play with the locals! These are unforgettable moments ..


Search for Secret Beach Bar on Google Maps to access it.



4 - Chill at Mirissa Beach

There are more people on the main beach of Mirissa but it is very pleasant to relax and go surfing. There are restaurants along which offer quite varied dishes.


5 - Spend a day in Galle

Galle is a small town where you can go shopping, to the restaurant, while admiring the sunset and walking along the fort, the lighthouse. The return trip in one day is enough.


Read more -> day trip: explore Galle fort



6 - Spend a day at Unawatuna

Unawatuna is a super nice little town where you can stroll on the beach. There are lots of things to do.


Read more: a guide to things to do in Unawatuna



7 - Go to Jungle Beach

Jungle Beach is a wild beach literally next to the jungle where the locals like to meet. Take your masks and snorkels for snorkelling!


Park your scooter at the Japanese Peace Pagoda and take the time to visit it for free. Then walk down to the beach otherwise the "parking" is chargeable!

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