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Wadi Rum..

Lunar desert landscape that has been used for the filming of films like "MadMax" or "Alone on Mars" and we understand why. This immensity in which you feel free as ever, the red, ocher and orange colors mix over the kilometers.. Wadi Rum had me in the heart and I went back 2 days more than expected just to tell you . I had a hard time leaving. This experience contributed to the tears I had when leaving the country. Discover in this article how to make your stay in Wadi Rum a memorable experience :

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is a desert located in Jordan 60 km from Aqaba and extending over 720 km2.


This site is now protected and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage . This desert has been inhabited since prehistoric times by different cultures and today some Bedouins continue to live there.


The vastness of the site means that you will have to go through an agency to be able to go there. It is very hard to find your way around and no one is better placed than the locals in the event of a problem, due to their familiarity with the terrain. Not only but the best because you won't miss the main attractions, and you can really get closer to the local culture.



Memorable experience

I could talk for hours about this desert.

From the feeling of immensity and freedom. Total disconnection from the world.

Back to basics by discovering the life of the Bedouins.

Changing colors throughout the day and a special sunset/moonrise.

Being able to drive in the desert, meet the locals, meet a super nice group of French people, sleep under the stars by the fireside.. I don't have the words and unfortunately I can't share all of my photos there. has tons! This site is so photogenic!


I think pictures will speak louder than words and anyway you have to experience it to believe it. Find practical information below the photos:


IMG_2041_jpg 2.JPG


IMG_2058 2.JPG




IMG_2362 2.JPG












How to get to Wadi Rum?

- By car if you have rented one . You can leave it in the village parking lot during your stay in a camp.

- By bus from Petra with a local bus for 7 JOD leaving at 6:30 am from the center. You will have to ask your accommodation to reserve a seat for you on the bus which will normally pick you up in front of your hotel.  It's about a 2-3 hour drive.

You will have to stop at the Visitor Center when you arrive in the village, to show your Jordan Pass, before joining your guide according to the agency you have chosen.

Which agency to choose?

There is something for all tastes and all budgets!  

- There are traditional camps with "tents" which are small huts with beds inside. Hard built sanitary facilities and a large tent for group meals.

It is also possible to sleep under the stars sheltered by rocks . If you stay several nights you can try the experience by trying the tents and sleeping under the stars it's super nice!

- There are tent camps that are a little more comfortable.

- And there are the famous "bubbles" that you must have seen on Instagram, which are extremely luxurious and the prices for the nights are soaring. Personally, apart from the instagrammable photo, I don't see the point of staying in these places. Paying a fortune for photos. Honestly these bubbles destroy the landscape and the authenticity of the place. Having talked about it with the Bedouins, they are annoyed by these new constructions, which also sting their business. I find it much fairer, when you visit a country, to go there to also discover the culture and the way of life. Not just for Instagram pics.. But that's my point of view. I have nothing against people who can afford and want this experience, I'm just saying my point of view and that of the locals, it's up to you to decide which experience you want.



IMG_2210 2.JPG

My personal experience

Personally I opted for WADIRUMSTILLNESS after looking at a lot of agencies on the internet and reviews. All the reviews were great and I went for it.


I have absolutely no regrets and frankly I can only recommend with my eyes closed .


Habis, the owner is only 23 years old, he is determined and very very professional. He gave me an extraordinary experience. He listens to specific requests, he always finds solutions.


Between the natural arches, the dunes where you can sandboard, climb on the rocks to have breathtaking views or simply the wind in your hair, to cross the desert in a jeep at full speed... won't be boring!

The food is incredible (you will witness the "secret". The ancestral way of cooking of the Bedouins. I won't say more to keep you the surprise) and the tents are comfortable. When I was there it was zero degrees at night, the many warm blankets were sufficient. I admit that I didn't have the courage to shower in cold water, the baby wipes did the trick for 2 days! But I imagine that in spring and summer it is very appreciable in the middle of the desert.  

The day trip is well organized, they avoid finding ourselves at the attractions at the same time as too many tourists, we have lunch with a Bedouin family in the middle of the desert, we discover the local musical instruments and we share a great time.

I advise you to stay there 2 days and 2 nights. Because it goes at breakneck speed. Admittedly, it's a budget, but even if it means being there and doing it once in your life, it's well worth it. For a stay with wadirumstillness in tent 2 days 2 nights I paid 110€. Which is still reasonable.  



What to bring ?

- Depending on when you will be there: light or warm clothes. 

- External battery because it depends on the camps to have enough to charge your phone / camera etc..

- Sunscreen

- Lips balm

- Sunglasses

- Baby wipes if no shower or just for dust on the face

Depending on your travel plan, some leave most of their luggage in a hotel that they did before or will do after, others take it all, it's up to you.

You will have no network in the desert. But honestly, how good does it feel to disconnect a little!

IMG_2104 2.JPG



After your stay in Wadi Rum, I advise you to take advantage of Aqaba, which is 1 hour away. You can get there by local bus or taxi, or by car if you have one.


Aqaba is a large coastal city. There isn't necessarily much to see, apart from the diving which is great. Diving in the Red Sea and seeing its corals there, plus the possibility of diving on shipwrecks, tanks or planes! An incredible feeling.

I was able to dive with Aqaba Leaders Divers Center for 25€ .

The Hakaia Community hostel was awesome ! 



I hope this article will have convinced you to spend several days in Wadi Rum and discover the local life there. I can only wish everyone what I experienced ! 

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