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The Philippines are full of more beautiful islands than the others. Coron is one of the best known spots for "island hopping", you can spend few days on a boat where you will discover several islands. Between limestone cliffs, turquoise waters and lagoons, discover what Coron has to offer you :

Coron - Island Hopping

A tour of the islands near Coron is the main activity. The town of Coron itself is small, you will find agencies everywhere that will offer tours. There are several tours available and different prices. It's up to you to choose what suits you best, which route, a private boat or one to share.

Remember to negotiate the prices, it is always possible to have a small discount.


I advise you to at least include Twin Lagoon, Banol Beach and Kayangan Lake.


Tip : try to leave as early as possible to avoid crowded places.

Like us, rent a private boat and ask to travel in the opposite direction of the tourists one. This will allow you to sometimes have the place for yourself for a magical moment !


Price for a private boat: € 23 negotiated per person (x2 people)

Entrance to sites and lake to pay in addition: € 18.60

Rent snorkels : € 1.25






IMG_8805 2.JPG


Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake is recognized as the cleanest lake in the Philippines thanks to the locals who take care of it. A few stairs will lead you first to a magnificent view of the moored boats and then continuing for a few more minutes, you will arrive at the lake.


A little moment of relaxation in crystal clear waters.



Twin Lagoon

I have dreamed of this place for a long time. The formations of these lagoons seen from the sky are impressive. Perfect coral circles, breathtaking clear water, a magical moment between these limestone cliffs.


You will have to swim from the boat to the lagoon, then pass between 2 cliffs to reach the second. Don't worry, the boat will lend you a life jacket so you can enjoy it for a long time without getting tired.



Banol beach

Banol beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Coron. Meeting point for lunch, a perfect place to eat, lie on the pristine sand and swim in transparent water to digest !


The boat team will have prepared a delicious Filipino meal for you with the products you bought at the market before leaving. It is often made of salad, rice, fresh fruit, fish or chicken.


Any better way to appreciate the place?




Bulog dos island / Banana island / Malcapuya island

These 3 islands are part of another tour that you can do on the second day.

White sandbanks, heavenly beaches where you seem alone in the world .. Even more paradisiac memories to build !

DJI_0033 2.JPG

DJI_0047 2.JPG


IMG_9023 2.JPG



Mount Tapyas 

Mount Tapyas is a mountain where a huge cross dominates the city.

"Coron" is written there in Hollywood letters.


Incredible 360 degree view of the surroundings, this little hike is really worth it. Especially at sunset. Prepare your legs for the 750 steps and enjoy the view !





Maquinit hot springs

These hot springs can relax you from those busy days. The saltwater pool naturally heated at 40 degrees overlooks the ocean.


Entrance is 200 PHP (3.70 €)


These pools are often crowded with people unfortunately.

Coron market

The market is a place to buy cheaper if you want and has the possibility of cooking yourself.


Before embarking on a boat for a tour, think about buying everything the boat team needs to prepare a good lunch. Do not hesitate to ask one of them to come with you to choose or translate.


Remember to buy enough water to stay hydrated all day!


Tip : have your heart hooked or have breakfast before going to the market, the smell of fresh meat can be very disturbing.

Eat at the Sirenetta restaurant

This restaurant, ideally located on stilts, will offer you a breathtaking view of the sunset by the water. Their cocktails and dishes are delicious.


Even solo, the romantic atmosphere of the place is pleasant.

IMG_8820 2.JPG

IMG_8825 2.JPG

How to get to Coron ?

You can either take the plane or the ferry from Manila or El Nido.


From Manila : - night ferry, 11h journey. CAUTION circulates only on Thursdays and Sundays.                                     1000 PHP ( 18.40 € ) for a dormitory with 20 beds. + € 1.60 terminal fees.


                             note : you can buy a real meal on the ferry. Please note that there aren't charging                               plugs. You have to charge your phone in the charging area. It is very slow (I have                                 had the experience!) € 0.60 for 1 hour and 10 minutes of charging.


                           - 1h30 by plane to Busuanga airport then 30 min drive to the city. about 80 €


From El Nido : - 4h30 ferry, 30 €

                          -40 min flight for 90 €



I hope this full article on Coron made you want to get on a boat right away!

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