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Jordan, a real crush..  

Small country, it is easy to go around points of interest in a week - ten days. Here is the perfect itinerary to enjoy without rushing, over ten days:


The different ways to visit Jordan 

Jordan remains a small country, so there are no long hours of driving between each destination.

It is possible to travel by bus as I did for a small budget. It is very easy to buy the tickets and the buses are very comfortable.


You can also rent a car for around thirty euros a day, with decreasing prices if you have rented it for a long time.

The roads are in good condition, Waze works, and the signs are in Arabic and English.

For car rental I recommend: "Monte Carlo Rent a Car" with closed eyes, very professional and always available in case of problems.

What to do first?

It depends where you land. If you arrive in Amman like me, you can go down south, visiting each point of interest and take a return flight from Aqaba. Or decide to go back to Amman if the return flights is cheaper from there at that time.  

The perfect route in itself is:  

- Amman / Jerash

- Dead Sea 


- Wadi rum


Example of my 10-day itinerary:

Day 1 - 2

Discovering the capital, Amman, and its citadel, its amphitheatre..

For more information: What to do in and around Amman 
Day 3 

Morning at the ruins of Jerash for History and afternoon at the Dead Sea to test the effortless flotation 

For more information: What to do in and around Amman 
Day 4 - 5 - 6

​Discover Petra, wonder of the world. To be amazed, and have an incredible memory 

To know more: Complete guide to visit Petra
Day 7 - 8 

Wadi rum where to believe on another planet. A moment out of time in the desert

To know more:Wadi Rum an unforgettable moment
Day 9 - 10

Scuba dive on wrecks in Aqaba and enjoy the beach

For more information: read the end of the article on Wadi Rum

Il est temps de rentrer après un séjour incroyable et inoubliable ! J'espère que cet itinéraire t'aura aidé(e) à planifier ton voyage !

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