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The Tiger Cave Temple is a temple located at the top of a mountain 600m high. Prepare yourself, it's definitely not easy to get to the top, but it's worth it ! Here are all the informations you need to know to climb the Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi, Thailand.

Prepare your bag

Take only a small backpack and do not carry too much. You will have to climb these 1260 steps!

Be sure to store everything inside, the monkeys present will not hesitate to steal you !

Do not worry, if you act normally they are not dangerous.


Take some water

Do not hesitate to take a lot of water. For the less athletic (like me!) The climb is steep. Several breaks are required. Have a drink, breathe and take the time to admire the view along the way.

Visit at sunrise or sunset

To avoid having too many people at the top with you, I recommend these two times of the day. The light will be more beautiful in addition !


Note: for the sunset, remember to have your phone charged for the flash or a flashlight. The stairs in the dark night with shaking tired legs await you!



Break the record

In April 2016, there were "only" 1237 steps, and they were climbed in 10 min 21 sec. It's up to you to try to beat this record (or rather break your leg !!).


Allow at least a hour to reach the top.

How to get there?

Whether you stay in Krabi or Ao Nang, it is very easy to get there by motorbike. Allow 10 min from Krabi and 30 min from Ao Nang.


Parking at the bottom of the hill is chargeable. We had parked a little further in front of small food stalls, without danger.

I hope this article has motivated you to climb these 1260 steps! Enjoy the 360-degree view from the top alongside Buddha.

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