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Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the 2nd capital of Malaysia. Industrial, financial and cultural heart of the country, it has 1,600,000 inhabitants. Multi cultural it is a mix of Chinese, Indian and Malaysian. The food being even more varied ! Known for its skyscrapers and impressive shopping malls, KL has a lot to offer. Discover what to see in Kuala Lumpur during your visit :

Batu Caves

You surely have already seen those colorful stairs on Instagram !

Batu Caves counts 272 steps to the top.


Some monkeys decided to take those stairs as a playground. Be careful about your bag or small things you carrying, they could steal it from you !

How to get to Batu Caves ?

In Grab taxi, motorbike, or local buses.

Tip : try to get there early because the crowd comes quickly.

Price :

Free entry as conditions to cover your legs and shoulders. Otherwise you will have to pay to rent something.




Stay at least one night in a crazy hotel

Kuala Lumpur is filled with hotels located on indecent floors in buildings. Who says high floor says splendid view of the city.


The Face Suites was one of my dreams but as budget backpackers, exorbitant prices were not possible.


What was my surprise when we arrived in front of the building ! Marlon told me we were staying in a air Bnb in the building, but with access to the infinity pool at the top.


Go to air Bnb and type "The Face Suites Kuala Lumpur" you can find an entire apartment kitchen / bedroom / bathroom / living room for 70 € per night for 2 !






IMG_2981 3.JPG

Wilayah Mosque

A must see you can't miss in KL. This mosque is incredibly beautiful. Its architecture, sculptures... a real goldsmith work.

The entry is free, a guide will propose you to take you on a free tour to explain everything. We had a lovely guide who taught us many things which allowed us to appreciate the place even more.

A real crush !

Note : You have to cover yourself. Otherwise they will lend you something. For women, wearing a veil to cover the hair is an obligation.





Petronas Towers

KL's mascot, it is an essential. They are the second highest twin towers in the world with their 452m high.

At night, they are so bright that they offer another dimension.

At the bottom the KLCC park is perfect for a walk, and offers a super view of the Petronas Towers.



2 days in Malacca

Malacca "or Melaka" is a super colorful and historic city of Malaysia. Being part of the UNESCO, you will find architecture, street arts, small shops and colorful cafés and even Chinese temples and churches..

❊ St Paul church 

❊ Cheng Hoong Teng Chinese Temple

❊ Stadthuys christchurch

❊ Street art along side the river

❊ Maritime Museum

❊ Malacca Straits Mosque

Many of the buildings are European inspired because of the Dutch colony period.

Many theme decorated (like Frozen movie) tuk tuk are driving around the city. 

Again, i don't have any of my pictures anymore sadly.. so here is the magnificent mosque on water by Salt in Our Hair.

Capture d’écran 2020-05-04 à



Thean Hou Temple 

Thean Hou Temple is one of the biggest Chinese temple of Southeast Asia.

The entry is free. A donation box is placed inside if you want to donate something.

Having lost my pictures, here are some by Salt in Our Hair.

Capture d’écran 2020-05-04 à

Sultan Abdul Samad and Merdeka Square

This little suburb is so cute as its buildings. It is there that the Malaysian independence has started.

Walk around the gardens and alongside the river. 



Eat in KL's most hidden cafe

A restaurant where I was dreaming to go... with conditions to find it ! 


From the outside, you can't imagine that there is a restaurant. This place plays the strategy to being know on social media. And it works ! Be prepared to a queue to get a table. But the wait is worth it. The decoration is super cute and the food amazing !

Merchant's Lane Café is situated 15min walk from Merdeka Square. You will discover a blue door next to a newspapers store. Here it is !


Google Images


Google Images


Google Images

Rooftop bar

What's better than an active heliport where you drink a cocktail at sunset ? Yes, you have heard perfectly.

From 6pm the heliport transforms to a bar for 2 hours. Be prepared for the crowd and maybe you won't have a seat. Anyway, the 360 degrees view from the 36th floor over the city is impressive.

The prices are a bit high, but to have a drink and build a beautiful memory it is worth it.

Dress code is casual. No flipflops/shorts.

Helipad Lounge 


Google Images


Google Images

Go shopping at Pavillion or KL Sentral

With the high number of huges shopping malls you will get lost easily !

But if you wanted to buy high-tech or multimedia stuff, this is the place. KL is a bit cheaper on those products.



Eco Forest

L'Eco Forest is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. A green place between the buildings. 

Hanging bridges, enjoy a free walk in nature in the middle of a busy city.


Take a walk to the market

To eat or to buy some souvenirs, markets are the best place. Be careful to fake brands, there is a lot !

Central Market et Petaling Street Market

Perdana Botanical Market

Botanic garden offering some fresh air in the middle of a crazy city. The entry is free, stroll around to discover plants, birds, lake fishes ... 

You will have to pay the entry if you want to do the birds park or the butterflies garden.

When to visit KL?

Kuala Lumpur can be visited all year round with temperatures between 25 and 35 degrees. To avoid rain chances I will advise you to go from December to March.

How to get around in KL?

It is very easy to go from one place to another in Kuala Lumpur.

By walk, Grab or Gojek (=uber) cars or motorbikes , subway, trains, local uses and even electric "scooter" (where you stand) to rent in the street via the app.

From the airport : KLIA or KLIA2 there is a train to KL Sentral which takes around 30 minutes for 12€. It seems to have some buses too.

Where to stay?

The city is full of hostels, hotels and air Bnb.

If you have the budget I would recommend the JW Mariott of Kuala Lumpur. Comfortable, pool in front of your room (for some). Incredible breakfast buffet and many amazing restaurants.




I hope this full article on Kuala Lumpur made you want to take a detour to Malaysia !

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