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El Nido is a paradise for lovers of tropical islands. The main activity being "island hopping" as in Coron, you will discover even more small isolated and totally deserted islands. Crystal clear waters, corals and marine life, palm trees, white sand ... Find here everything you need to know about hopping tours in El Nido :

El Nido Hopping tours

The El Nido area has been named one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. And I understand why !


There are 4 tours available : A, B, C and D. Honestly all the tours are worth it.


They all include several stops during the day; the midday meal which includes fish or chicken, rice, vegetables and fresh fruit; drinking water (it is forbidden to take plastic bottles on board); snorkels; kayaks ; and the environmental tax.




El Nido tour A

Small Lagoon - Big Lagoon - Shimizu Island - 7 Commando Beach


This tour is primarily based on snorkeling. Several lagoons are available for you, to discover a diversity of fishes and corals. You may have the chance to come across sea turtles ! The day ends at 7- Commando Beach where you can enjoy the sunset while having a fresh drink at the bar, or play yourself at a game of beach volleyball with locals.


Price : between 1200 PHP ( 22 € ) and 2200 PHP ( 40 € ) (depending on agency, size of the group on the boat, or if you privatize a boat)

Duration : one day of 7h . You will be back around 4:00 p.m.

El Nido tour B

Snake Island - Pinagbuyutan Island - Cudugnon Cave - Snorkeling sites


This tour is one of my favorites. Huge sandbanks surrounded by turquoise water, caves open to the sea, island worthy of the Vaina cartoon ...

You will enjoy this tropical tour.


Price : between 1200 PHP ( 22 € ) AND 1600 PHP ( 29 € ) - I personally paid 1400 PHP i.e. 25.60 €.

Duration : one day of 7h .











El Nido tower C 

Hidden Beach - Secret Beach - Tapiutan Island - Helicopter Island - Matinloc Shrine


You will discover hidden beaches (not so hidden due to the number of tourists at the same time unfortunately), you will snorkel and discover beautiful fishes, and you will be able to explore islands.


Price : between 1200 PHP ( 22 € ) and 1700 PHP ( 31 € )

Duration : about 7h

El Nido tower D

Small Lagoon, Cadlao Island - Pasandigan Cove - Nat Nat Beach - Bukal Island


Swim in turquoise waters, kayak in a lagoon, or bath in the sun on a beach filled with palm trees.


Price : between 1200 PHP ( 22 € ) and 1500 PHP ( 27 € )

Duration : about 7h

Combined and private tours

You can also choose to combine the destinations of 2 of the tours. Know that the day also lasts 7h or even 8h, so you will spend little time on each place. The price is necessarily a little higher.


Otherwise you can also rent a private boat and design your tour yourself. The prices are higher but you have the greatest freedom.

You can ask to avoid tourist peaks in certain places and therefore have the place for you.


You can also ask the boat team for places that are not on the tour lists, that they know and that are not too far away. It was the case for us, with this small secret beach and this lagoon in the middle of a rock, only accessible by swimming in a narrow rock corridor.








You can ask for this kind of private tour in agencies , or by talking directly on the beach to people who come back from excursions.

They always know someone who knows someone ..


So I found myself going to a village on the motorcycle of a man who was going to introduce me someone who had a boat. We divided the fees with several French people we had met thanks to the Facebook group French in the Philippines.


This allows you to decide to see only what interests you without wasting time on less interesting places or crowded with tourists in life jackets.


If it had to do it again, I would only choose private tours even if it meant putting more money into it. When you've been traveling to Asia for a while, you're so used to low prices that you always want the minimum price. But sometimes, putting a bit more money on the table (and which remains very reasonable compared to the euro) is so worth it !


I hope this article has enlightened you on what you can wish to see during a "hopping tour" in El Nido ! Don't hesitate to put a little more money to have the freedom to discover more and explore off the beaten tracks !

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