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   Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world. Between tea plantations, mountains and villages, the 7 hours of this journey are not felt. The locals use it to go to work or go home and it is sometimes difficult to have a place on board because of the tourists.

Ella to Kandy

Usually tourists go the other way: from Kandy to Ella. Our route starting from the south (see Sri Lanka route itinerary) we did it the other way around and were not disappointed!


The journey takes between 6 and 7h. It may seem long and yet it goes at a crazy speed. I was hardly seated on the trip and didn't see the time flying.


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Practical informations

Duration : 6 - 7h


Price : around € 1.70 per person


Food on the train (peanuts, small snacks less than € 0.50)


Tip : take the first train in the morning. A little less crowded, beautiful light, and you do not want to cross these plantations in the dark!



Different classes for tickets

There are 3 classes. Honestly, I didn't see any differences between the classes on the train. We got into the first car where the door was free so we could stay there and take pictures. In any case, you will not sit in the same place for 7 hours and some people will steal your place.


Buy a 2nd or 3rd class ticket if you want to experiment hanging onto the doors in the open air.




Usually you have to buy your tickets in advance as they are very popular.


We never plan exactly in advance, so we were there the night before. We were told that it was full and that we had to come back the next morning at 6 a.m. when the ticket office opened before taking the first train. (still not understood how the places were going to be available in the morning if full in the evening, but anyway) and it worked we got our tickets without problem.


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