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Marina Bay represents the historic heart of Singapore. It was at the river mouth that goods were unloaded otherwise. Marina Bay is the business center of Singapore.

Marina Bay, economic center

It has prestigious hotels, casinos, luxury shopping centers, performance halls, business center, golf course or even a Formula 1 circuit.


Marina Bay Sands is well known for its unusual architecture, with its "boat" shaped top overlooking the bay. It houses a 2,560- rooms hotel, a shopping center, a casino and a museum. There is even an incredible fountain running through it and it is possible to take a gondola ride inside. Yes yes you heard right !



What to do in Marina Bay?

➳ Walk along the bay

➳ Visit the museums

➳ Shopping

➳ Eat at the restaurant

➳ Drink a cocktail on a terrace

➳ Watch the light show on the bay

➳ Get to Gardens By The Bay





Marina Bay light show

This sound and light show on the water is incredible and FREE !


Sunday to Thursday: 8 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Friday & Saturday: 8 p.m. , 9 p.m. , 10 p.m.


Place yourself wherever you want around the bay.

If you want to be close to the entertainment turn your back on the Marina Bay Sands.

If you want the view with the light effects on the Marina Bay Sands, place yourself on the opposite bank.


A magical 15 min show of 4 different parts.



Google Images


Google Images

Clarke quay

Clarke Quay is my favorite place in Marina Bay.

On the banks of the rivers, a small neighborhood full of restaurants and bars. The architecture is very special, like everywhere in Singapore. Huge metal structures in the streets to protect from the rain, pastel facades, fountains ... there is something for everyone.


TIP: go there in the evening to see everything lit up and enjoy a drink in front of a live music.

A very colorful district full of bars, restaurants and small shops.


The trendy place to go out at night and where Singaporean youth go.


Google Images


Google Images

Enjoy the architecture

The architecture of Singapore is futuristic. Shapes that you will not see elsewhere. Enjoy looking around, analyze shapes and materials.



I hope this article will encourage you to stroll around Marina Bay and discover super cool little nooks.

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