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Siargao or the palm island. This small island of 437 km2 will charm you with its tropical landscapes. Surfing lover ? This island is made for you ! Much less accessible than some islands, mass tourism is not present on Siargao .. for our greatest happiness ! A chill atmosphere that was a favorite in the Philippines ! Discover what to do in Siargao in this article :


Just on arrival by plane you understand that you are going to have a good time ! (on the pic it is not Siargao itself, but the province of North Surigao of which Siargao is part of)

Island hopping

You have understood it, in the Philippines it is the ACTIVITY by far ! No it is not boring, because each island is different and given the number (7000+) you will never discover the same thing !


The most common tour in Siargao is :

- Guyam island (very small palm island)

- Daku Island (island where you will have lunch under a hut)

- Naked island (as its name suggests, it is a bare sandbank in the middle of the sea)


The meal will consist of fish, rice, chicken skewers, fruit, noodles ... a delight ! If you do not have snorkeling equipment, the boat will provide it.


Take your swimsuit, a towel and sunscreen that is not harmful to corals, and off you go !

Don't forget your GoPro and your drone if you have one :)

DJI_0115 2.JPG



Magpupungko natural pools

Who would not dream of going for a dip in turquoise water, facing the sea but without waves?

Magpupungko natural pools form at low tide so make sure you check it before to go !

I advise you to go there as soon as the low tide starts otherwise there are a lot of people, a lot of children who jump from the rocks and it's a bit like a municipal swimming pool ...

Otherwise it is a very pleasant place. Think of a waterproof bag, the ground around the pool contains water on few centimeters and there is no other place to put your stuff.


Entrance fee: 50 pesos (0.85 €)

Price of parking for the motorbike : 20 pesos (0.35 €)

IMG_1002 2.JPG



Maasin river

Maasin river is a palm-lined river where you can even jump from one of them ! The setting is super pretty and it's a place that locals love !


Unfortunately, given to its popularity on Instagram, this place is very crowded and they charge for jumps and rafts if you want to take a photo on it.


Try to go there early in the morning to avoid the crowd, or at sunset for a nice light.


Price for an unlimited number of jumps : 20 pesos (0.35 €)

To find this place type Maasin Bridge on your GPS , you will see this spot directly from the road.

DJI_0061 4.JPG


A sea of palm trees as far as the eye can see !

Not far from Maasin river is a straight road lined with palm trees. How nice it is to ride in this landscape !


Stop at the famous " Coconut trees viewdeck " for a view overlooking this immense palm forest. (You will find this spot by typing it on your GPS).


You will see tourists like locals if you stop for a moment to admire the view. Especially at sunset !


IMG_1068 2.JPG

Explore lesser-known beaches

Depending on where you stay on the island, do not hesitate to stroll along the beaches. You can discover small calm and adorable spots.


IMG_1256 4.JPG

Surf and watch the sunset at Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is THE benchmark for surfers in Siargao. The atmosphere is super chill and the surf vibe is super present. You can rent a board and the waves are yours !


Be careful with the rocks and corals if you are not too experienced.


There is a large pontoon which allows you to directly reach the waves in the distance, without having to walk in the shallows on the rocks.


Capture d’écran 2020-05-23 à


Sugba Lagoon

I could not do this excursion and it is a shame!


You will need at least half a day to go by boat and explore the lagoon. Account 1500 pesos (25 €) per person.


The beauty of the place is crazy , it's really a regret not to have taken advantage of it !

Capture d’écran 2020-05-23 à


Where to eat ?

Siargao is full of little bars to party in, but also great cafes and restaurants.

You can eat smoothie bowls , pizzas , sushi , local barbecue and many more.


I loved Sushi Nori and Crêpes Siargao café on the "Tourisme road" street. It is the main street where you will find a lot of accommodations and restaurants, as well as motorbikes or surfboards rental.


My favorite place is still Shaka , a brand that you can find on different islands. Their smoothie bowl are delicious, super healthy and affordable given their large size ( 250 pesos , 4.30 €)




Where to stay?

Siargao is full of accommodations for all budgets. Hotels, hostels, surf camps and other bungalows.


As part of a collaboration I stayed at Alpas Siargao , on the main street "Tourism road". Close to everything, the beach, restaurants and cafes, location is really an advantage. The setting is super nice, very chill.


Only downside, the cabins are not really isolated, there was a party in the room above and I have a really light sleep so it was a small disappointing point for me.


There are dormitories and private rooms. Prices between 18 and 45 € per night.





How to get to Siargao?

Siargao being in the east of the Philippines and far from the other islands of interest, you will surely have to go there by plane .

From Cebu, you can take a flight with Cebu Pacific . Very small planes and tiny airports where you embark directly on the tarmac!


Be careful when planning your trip, flights to Siargao are not very frequent either.


Account between 35 and 50 + € to go. You will surely have to return to Manila to take off to your next destination!


Upon arrival, you will need to take a van to reach General Luna . Either you have booked one with your accommodation before, or you will have to find one that goes in the direction of your accommodation and wait for it to fill up. There is no point in wasting time choosing a company or negotiating, the fixed price is € 5 for everyone.

How to get around on Siargao?

I would say that the motorbike is the best way to get around the island.

There are of course tuk tuks. For some things you can walk, but to visit the island you will absolutely have to drive.


If like me you travel alone and you don't know how to drive a motorbike, you can hire a " habal habal " for the day. This term designates the motorbike tuk tuk. So you can ask a motorbike driver to take you where you want all day. The price will have to be negotiated, but an entire afternoon until sunset cost me € 16.

I hope you liked this article on Siargao and made you want to go explore the palm island. Wake up the surfer in yourself !

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