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Bagan, site with thousands of pagodas as far as the eye can see. Bagan has an atmosphere so special, so magical that you will fall in love with this ancient city immediately. Explore as much as you want and feel this freedom invading you ! Bagan received UNESCO World Heritage status in July 2019, just after my visit. Here are the best tips to plan your visit :

Entrance to Bagan

You will have to pay for entry to the Bagan area. This is a ticket to keep with you which is valid for several days. The price is around € 16.25 (25000 Kyat)


They will stop you at the entrance to Bagan to provide it.


IMG_1703 2.JPG

Rent an electric motorbike

In Bagan, everything is done by electric scooter or "E-Bike." It's great for the environment and leaves the place quiet despite you are several visitors at the same time.


Be careful with your battery autonomy and plan to return in time to recharge it.


As the afternoon is generally very hot, you can rest while charging and return to explore in the evening.



Enjoy a sunrise at the top of a temple

If the weather conditions are good, expect to see hot air balloons. Get up very early to be on the spot before sunrise. A magical spectacle awaits you for an unforgettable experience.


PLEASE NOTE : access to the top of the temples is now prohibited. They closed the access.


However, there are 2-3 pagodas where you can still climb. You must ALWAYS take your shoes off when entering / climbing / walking on a pagoda as a sign of respect (we were not aware of this, that's why we have our shoes on the pictures. A local climbed and rebuked us strongly. We were ashamed of our attitude, that's why I ask you to respect this instruction).


Be careful not to damage anything and don't put yourself in danger for a photo !




Enjoy a sunset

The light is not the same as at sunrise, but just as beautiful. Who does not dream of enjoying a moment of peace with this view?


There is a specific temple to watch the sunset that you can still climb. You will find it on in the name of "sunset pagoda" it seems to me.


Don't expect to be alone, the place is crowded. I therefore advise you to arrive a little early. The good news is that everyone respects silence, and appreciates this pure moment in calm.


IMG_1759 2.JPG

Take the time to appreciate the temples

Don't just visit them from the outside. Enter the temples, and let yourself be invaded by the rich culture of this country. Myanmar is known for its many temples and you will see them throughout your trip. But those Bagan's temples are among the most beautiful.



Take a hot air balloon ride for another perspective

Why just watch the hot air balloons when you can also be on board? If you feel like it and have the budget I strongly advise to listen to yourself.


40 to 60 min flight for € 315 depending on the season.

DJI_0067 2.JPG

Visit Minnanthu village 

A few kilometers away from Old and New Bagan, you can reach this village by E-Bike. It is a breath of fresh air in the middle of visiting temples.


Take a tour of the village and you will discover the manufacture of cotton clothing, cigars, hand crockery etc. A great place to immerse yourself in the Myanmar tradition.



How to get to Bagan?

You can get to Bagan by bus or taxi. We had a mini bus of about 8 people. It is not the most comfortable when the journey is long and the road full of bumps, but it takes what it takes to get to Bagan!


From Yangon : 9h

From Mandalay : 4h

From Inle Lake : 8h bus for 8,65€ per person



When to visit Bagan?

The best time to visit Bagan is between November and February. It is very hot in Bagan most of the year but during these months the average of 30 degrees is pleasant.

I hope this article has made you dream of discovering these temples at sunrise. Do not hesitate if you have any questions or comments ! :)

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