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   Sri Lanka

Galle Fort was first built in 1588 by the Portuguese, then excessively fortified by the Dutch during the 17th century. It is a historic, archaeological and architectural site whose old residences have been transformed into cute little shops and restaurants.

Whether strolling through the streets or strolling through this UNESCO-listed site at sunset, you will not regret this day trip!

Galle lighthouse

The Galle lighthouse is a must see. I recommend that you walk there during sunset, for orange-pink colors or very early in the morning to avoid the crowds.


From the lighthouse, you can walk along the water.


Between the Galle fort, and the city of Galle, you have about 2km of walking



A restaurant to try in Galle

10 curries for $ 10, this is the slogan of Lucky Fort Restaurant

More or less spicy, it was a real delight! Do not hesitate to go there during your visit to Galle


Google Images


Google Images

Best time to visit Galle

The rainy season in Galle is from May to September. The best month to visit Galle is February.

How to get to Galle

From Colombo:


- by train: the train ride along the coast is super beautiful and takes you through small villages. Train travel is my favorite in Sri Lanka, because it is cheap and it allows you to see the country. You do not need to worry about street traffic but on the other hand beware of trains that may be crowded.


2nd class: Rs 180 (€ 0.90)

3rd class: Rs 100 (€ 0.50)


It is useless to choose the train class, because the wagons are crowded, and it is not because you have a ticket that you will have a designated seat. The trip can be done standing, between the apple sellers or other snacks that will come and go.

But that's the journey !

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