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Siquijor is a small island located south of Cebu. Turquoise waters, white sand beaches, waterfalls and adorable locals are waiting for you. The island being small you can go around by motorbike in a few hours. Here are the best things to do in Siquijor :

Cambugahay falls - the unmissable 

The Cambugahay waterfall is impressive with its different levels and turquoise water worthy of a swimming pool.


The main pool is where you can treat yourself to some thrills. Swings allow you to launch yourself into the water.

Pay 50 PHP (0.92 €) for an unlimited number of jumps !


There is no charge for entry to the waterfalls and you only have to walk down few stairs from the road.

Tip : go early to avoid too many tourists. The access barrier does not open before 7 a.m.


IMG_0235 2.JPG



Enjoy a sunset at Paliton Beach

Paliton Beach is a nice little beach of Siquijor. Clear water, palm trees and not too touristy.

This is THE spot to watch the sunset for incredible colors !


Tip : Don't go away once the sun disappeared from the horizon, the colors will intensify more and more afterwards ! Many people were already gone when the sky gave us an incredible show !





Treat yourself to a foot spa at Balete tree

Ticklish refrain ! Balete tree is a huge, magnificent tree that overlooks a pool where hundreds of fishes will be happy to eat ... your dead skins !

This type of spa is already known in other countries, but doing it in this natural and enchanted environment is even better !


Try to relax and you will get used to it after a few minutes.


This spot is a quick stop on your way to discover Siquijor. I will not say that it is really worth it but for 10 PHP (0.17 €) you can enjoy it.




Lugnason Falls

Less touristy than Cambugahay falls, you will spend several hours relaxing there. Free entry, short walk of only 5 minutes to access it.

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Salagdoong beach and its diving board

Salagdoong beach is a popular place for locals to have fun. Small beach with turquoise waters, it is possible to go kayaking, tobogganing, or take a 10-meter dive !


Entrance 25 PHP (0.50 €)




Butterflies sanctuary

This sanctuary is managed by a man who takes care of the butterflies and releases them every week.


Unfortunately, butterflies are less and less present due to deforestation and growing constructions.


Visit this garden to discover huge colorful butterflies and help the owner in this beautiful project.

Treat yourself to a massage

There are massage salons or simply your accommodation will offer you some. We were at Casa Paliton, the very adorable owner offered us a 1 hour at home massage for € 5.80.


She brought in 2 massages therapist who massaged us directly on our beds. It was so nice!

How to get to Siquijor?

From Cebu Island: you have to go to the port of Lilo An (by bus or van). The ferry costs 190 PHP ( 3.45 € ) to Siquijor.


I recommend the company OceanJet . They are fast ferries.


How to get around in Siquijor?

The most common is by motorbike . You can rent one as soon as you arrive at the port. Between 5 and 10 € per day depending on the season.


Unfortunately we did not know how to drive one, my friend tried at the port but we were not confident so we preferred not to take any risks.


There are tuk tuks or Jeepneys . These little "buses" run on the island for a low price. Between € 0.30 and € 0.80 for fairly long journeys. The only downside is that there are no fixed bus stops, you have to wave at them to stop, and hope they are not already full. There are no timetables either, which is a huge waste of time.


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Where to stay?

-Casa Paliton 19 € / night for 2 people including breakfast

-First baby bytes guest house 10 € / night for 2

-Glamping Siquijor 40 € / night

Where to eat ?

- Dolce Amour (Italian restaurant run by an Italian)

- Tomato & Basil (right next to Casa Paliton, healthy and very good)

When to visit Siquijor?

The best weather is from November to May.

The best time to visit Siquijor is from December to March.


April to June are really to be avoided because much too hot.

I hope this article will have made you want to attend the most beautiful sunsets of your life and reach a little adrenaline with these jumps in the waterfalls !

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