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Bohol is not an amazing spot in itself but there are 2 valid reasons which will push you to add it to your itinerary. If you are curious to see 2 things that you had never seen before it is on this island located east of Cebu. I tell you here what to do in 2 days in Bohol :


Chocolate hills

Hills of chocolate . Huh? What do you mean ? No, sorry to disappoint you, I said "things that you had never seen" but we are not in the world of Charlie and the chocolate factory either.


These rounded hills seem to be placed there, one next to the other. And there are 1268 over 50km2 !


They take their name from their shape, and the vegetation that turns brown during the dry season.


A place you absolutely must see !


Do not hesitate to wander outside the tourist platform, I discovered a small village where I could play with children who were very interested in my drone ! Unforgettable moments.


Entrance fee to the Chocolate Hills: 45 pesos (€ 0.84)





Tarsier Sanctuary

Tarsiers are cute little primates ! The animal is reminiscent of very small monkeys measuring 15cm and weighing only 120g !


With its large, globular eyes, the tarsier is one of a kind. He does not move from the tree he has taken up residence and sleeps a lot. It only moves to eat.


They are very sensitive : you should not touch them, do not put a flash for the photos and above all you will have to whisper. Very anxious, they can die from this stress caused by the human voice.


The sanctuary is located near Corella on Bohol. The visit is quite quick, with someone who will guide you, explain you and help you find them in the trees.


Entrance fee: 55 pesos (1 €)


IMG_0872 3.JPG



Can-Umantad Falls and caves

A relaxing moment by the waterfall? This waterfall located in the east of the island is not very touristy. You can go there in the morning and enjoy the pool alone.


Stop there on the road to the caves of the south east.


Entrance fee: 18 pesos (€ 0.33)


Combento Cave is a small cave where you can bathe. It's really small and not much interesting. Admission is chargeable.


Cabagnow Cave pool is a hole in the ground, which leads to a natural pool where you can swim. When there is a ladder ! I had seen so many pics, except that when I arrived, no ladder, no one to secure. Pity.


Be careful not to fall, it can be really dangerous and you will not be able to go back up given the depth!

IMG_0802 3.JPG


Stay at locals's house

Bohol 3 bedroom villa on is a perfect place to sleep. The family is lovely and very welcoming. She will cook for you if you want, shopping at your expense. It is peaceful and it changes from hostels or hotels.




Explore, without getting lost!

Little anecdote: I wanted to go to a specific beach and that access was impossible, I found myself lost in the flora, between land and private houses. A waste of time and a little fright. So explore but close to where you stay !



Panglao little party island

Panglao is a small island located southwest of Bohol and connected by a bridge. It mainly includes resorts, bars and restaurants.


You can take the ferry to Cebu from Tagbilaran, right next door.

How to get to Bohol?

From Siquijor : 3h ferry for 650 pesos (11.73 €) + terminal fee 15 pesos (0.28 €)

From Cebu : By plane or ferry to Panglao.

How to get around Bohol?

Bohol is a fairly large island. The scooter will not be enough. You will have to take several Jeepneys or a bus, and sleep in different corners of the island.


The bus is always overbooked, you will not necessarily have a seat. It's hot and people are on top of each other, that's the game !


Example of bus prices : from Lungsod Daan to Alicia then from Alicia to Carmen: all for 55 pesos (1 €)



I hope you liked this article about Bohol and made you want to meet these little tarsiers and visit these atypical hills !

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