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Hpa An is a place that does not appear often on the itineraries of Myanmar .. yet it should ! This forgotten treasure has lots of things to offer you. Here's what you need to know :

Saddar Cave Tour

You will surely not expect to discover a cave of this size in Myanmar. Between impressive stalactites and stalagmites, as well as the lake that awaits you at the exit, you will not be disappointed !


Take a boat to explore the surroundings. Green plantations, mountains : an impressive scene


Entrance fee to the cave : 1000 kyat ( 0.65 € )


Boat price : 3000 kyat ( 1.95 € )


NOTE : this cave is closed during the rainy season.



Climbing Mount Zwegabin

This hike will push your athletic skills to the test but the view at the top will reward you.


I reassure you I am not a great sportswoman and I am out of breath very fast, but I succeeded !


Take your time, allow about 2h - 2h30 to get to the top (and a lot of water).


There you will find a pagoda overlooking the surroundings. A monastery is located at the top. Apparently you can stay there overnight. Unfortunately due to an unfortunate incident, it was no longer possible when we were there. Inquire in advance ! 


When to go : Be sure to get to the top for sunset. Mystical atmosphere with some mist awaits you. However, be careful to have enough phone battery to go down or a lamp. The path can be hazardous at times in the dark.


Note : watch out for the monkeys at the top. They are absolutely not afraid of humans and will not hesitate to snatch your food from you, or like our coke can for example !






Kyauk Kalat Pagoda Tour

This moment you will wonder how this pagoda stands on this limestone rock. This pagoda is interesting to walk around for a little while.


Pay attention to the lake, you can see huge fishes !





Take a trip to Kaw Ka Thaung cave

This colorful temple can be called kitsch. You will enter a cave where thousands of Buddhas adorn the walls.


Outside, facing a small lake, hundreds of statues of monks are lined up.


Not far from this cave there is a natural swimming pool with small bars as well as a small labyrinth where you can have fun.





Kawgun cave for millions of Buddhas.

The work done in this cave will leave you speechless. Millions of little Buddhas are carved out of rock.


The entrance to the cave is guarded with lots of monkeys. You can approach them but beware of their aggressiveness.



Eat at the market in the evening

The small market of Hpa An is super nice for eating cheap and walking in the evening.

How to get to Hpa An?

From Yangon, 8h bus (8.30 €)

Where to stay?

The Glory Hotel is in a great location. 300m walk from the night market and the river it is very pleasant. Simple and inexpensive it is a very good choice.


Click on the photo to book.


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I hope this article inspires you to add Hpa An to your list of cities to see in Myanmar !

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