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Amman est la capitale de la Jordanie. Elle est aussi la 5e plus grande ville du monde Arabe. Pleine d'Histoire, c'est un lieu incontournable lors de ta visite en Jordanie. Découvre dans cet article les endroits à ne pas louper à Amman :

The citadel on Jebel Al Qala

A must-see place in Amman, the citadel is an archaeological site located on one of the city hills. This offers a breathtaking 360° view of the surroundings. 

You will spend about 2 hours there depending on how fast you walk inside. The view at sunrise or sunset is the best. Find out about the opening hours when you go there, as they are likely to change depending on the season.

Admission price: 2 JOD or free with the Jordan Pass






The Jordan Museum

The Jordan Museum is located in Amman itself. It presents the history and cultural heritage of Jordan. It allows the visitor to understand the culture and history of the country through the ages while also pointing the finger at the future. 

Admission to this museum is unfortunately not included in the Jordan Pass:

price 5000 JOD (6.50€)



Walk around the city

Amman is a big city. You will discover the local life, the shops, the traffic... Stroll through the colorful alleys of Rainbow Street, buy spices, go through the souk...







Combine Jerash and the Dead Sea in one day

The easiest and cheapest way for me was to hire a car for the day so I could get to Jerash and the Dead Sea.There is a bus from Amman to Jerash but the loss of time would be enormous. When at the Dead Sea, the only local bus drops off to the north on an uninteresting public beach. The distances are long all along the sea to explore, so on foot it is impossible. 

A car rental for the day is only around thirty euros, insurance included.


I went through the best company that I can only recommend with my eyes closed. The car was immaculate, I had a super warm welcome, a wifi box to allow me to have the GPS in the car, and incredible availability on WhatsApp whenever I needed or had a question.


The road is are in very good condition and the signs are in English and Arabic. Very easy to drive. The license of your country is sufficient.

This rental agency is:Monte Carlo Rent A Car Amman






Spend a morning at the ruins of Jerash. This site is full of history where different civilizations have succeeded. The site is large enough to visit.


Admission is included in the Jordan Pass.


Guides, including French speakers, are available at an additional cost.

The dead sea

The Dead Sea, one of my dreams come true!


I so wanted to discover this landscape of salt sculptures and try my hand at floating!

I didn't know exactly where to stop because there are many luxurious resorts along the coast.But pay around 30€ in the afternoon to have access to mud and bath in a delimited and charmless setting with lots of other tourists, no thanks.


I drove along the coast and the landscape is breahtaking. The word "incredible" popped up every two minutes. A road with desert rocks on one side and the sea on the other. Beautiful.

By dint of driving, I saw a coast full of white round beaches. A dirt parking lot with a lot of parked cars. I decide to give it a shot. 

I went down to the beach which is quite crowded with locals and a few tourists. So I walked a lot to the left, scrolling from beach to beach until I got far enough away to be sure I was alone. The calm allowing me to appreciate the beauty of the place even more, but also the possibility of putting on my swimsuit without hitting the locals who are Muslims. 

It was windy that day, the sea was not really flat to float quietly but I did it haha!It is, again, amazing! No possibility of really swimming, we turn around, on the back on the belly, the legs in the air without effort! 

Be careful of the salt rocks that are sharp, I paid the price and cut myself ! 

Do not stay in the water for more than 15 minutes because of the salt and remember to take at least two bottles of water to rinse your skin, at the risk of it burning. A few minutes are enough to feel the tingling, I was very happy to be able to rinse off!Water shoes are definitely a must have ! Very difficult to move and very painful otherwise! 



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